Every Day Fitness: Weight Loss Exercises

To create the body of your dreams is quite realistic at home. For this, multifunctional simulators and expensive equipment are not needed. However, efforts will still have to be made. Effective exercises performed during a circular training will help to achieve good results in losing weight and strengthening muscles. Consider what they are, as well as how to do home fitness in order to get rid of problem areas and form ideal body proportions.

Features of fitness

Under a circular fat-burning training, it is customary to consider a set of 4-8 exercises that should be performed one after another in several sets at a very fast pace. Rest between the elements is not provided. In extreme cases, it should be minimal. A break can only be done between sets. It is recommended that you practice home fitness not only with your body weight, but also with free weights.

Exercises in a circular fat-burning training are designed to strengthen the muscle groups of the whole body. Even if the goal was initially set to work out a separate problem area, it is necessary to correct it and pay attention to all muscle groups. The more diverse the training program, the more calories burned during class. It is also important not to forget that losing weight is impossible without adjusting the diet. Therefore, before practicing home fitness, you should review your diet.

The main canons of fat burning training in a circle:

When compiling the complex yourself, include 4-8 exercises, both aerobic and strength ones.
Do them all in 1 cycle one after another without pauses. If this is difficult, you can rest between the elements for 10-20 seconds.
Perform all the elements on the account (10-20 times) or on time (at least 20 seconds).
Pause between sets for 1 to 3 minutes.
Do fitness for half an hour, doing 3-5 workouts per week.
As you get used to such loads, gradually increase the duration of training, the rate of execution of movements, increase the weight of weighting materials and reduce the duration of rest.
Circular fat burning training has recently become very popular among athletes, as it has many advantages:

promotes intensive fat burning and weight loss;
helps to strengthen all muscle groups, make the body, embossed;
trains the heart, strengthens blood vessels;
allows you to select any exercises for classes, as well as adjust the level of load;
helps to accelerate metabolic processes in the body;
requires a minimum amount of sports equipment and time.

Everyday Fat Burning Exercise

Every Day Fitness: Weight Loss Exercises

Listed below are exercises that contribute to intensive weight loss and high-quality training of the muscles of the whole body. It is recommended to select 1 element from each group and perform them all in a circle. If the movement should be duplicated on 2 sides, it should be done as follows: on one side in 1 circle, on the other — in the 2nd, etc. The best elements for doing home fitness:

for training the abdominal muscles: running with a high raising of the knees, burpie, “Crab”, running in a horizontal position, a bar on straight or bent arms with jumping and legs spread to the sides, twisting — simple and double, lifting straight legs, “Russian turns” in a sitting position;
for the lower extremities: jumping — left-right and 180 ° turn, lunges with jumping, wide squats with jumping, sumo squats with jumping;
for weight loss of the upper body: push-ups — simple and for triceps pumping, arm spreading in opposite directions from a standing position in an inclination, lifting weights for triceps pumping, weighting presses up from the shoulders;
exercises performed in the bar: touching the shoulders with the palms of each hand with each hand, walking, turning the body from the classic to the side bar;
training of legs with free weights: lunges in different variations, squats, deadlift;

exercises for the lower extremities performed lying on the floor: “Scissors”, raising straight legs from a lying position on one side, raising knees, and then straight legs to the sides, standing on all fours, raising legs, standing in the bridge.

An example of a three-day training program for 7 days aimed at losing weight:

First day:

jumping left and right;
palms touching the shoulder joints, standing in a bar on straight arms;
classic weights squats;
simple twisting for pumping the abdominal muscles;
raising straight legs from a standing position on all fours;
lifting free weights for biceps.

Second day:

lunges left and right;
running with pulling the knees to the chest in a horizontal position;
Russian turns;
exercise «Scissors»;
classic push ups;
wide squats with jumps;
side bar.

The third day:

lunges with a step forward;
push-ups for triceps pumping;
fitness element «Spider»;
jumping sumo squats;
rises of straight arms and legs in supine position with touching the toes.

An example of a universal training program for working out all problem areas at once:

Squats are common and in various variations. At the initial stage, this exercise is recommended to be done with the weight of your own body, and then with weights.
The bar is usual in other versions (lateral, with jumps, raising arms, legs, etc.).
Lunges and striding on a chair. They are recommended to alternate and similarly to squats later to do with weights.
Pull-ups with different arms. At the initial stage, they can be done, resting on a support.
Push ups. It is recommended that beginner athletes rely on their knees.

Effective Weight Loss Workouts: Useful Tips.

Every Day Fitness: Weight Loss Exercises

Whatever training program you are for yourself, if your goal is weight loss, be sure to adhere to the following recommendations when doing fitness exercises:

always warm up before the training, and after it — stretch;
Always train in running shoes to prevent injuries to the ankle;
do not exercise with a full stomach, eat before training at least 1.5-2 hours;
drink water — 1 tbsp. before the training, 2 tbsp. after, as well as in small sips during the lesson;
work out for 1 fitness training several muscle groups at once. So classes will be more effective, and losing weight more intensively;
adjust the diet, excluding harmful high-calorie foods from it and including more vegetables, fruits, berries, dietary meat, low-fat sour-milk, dairy products.

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