Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Good time of day, healthy lifestyle friends! Today you and I will talk about such interesting and effective type of activities as circular trainings for fat burning for women. What it is, not everyone knows. And in vain! Such a programme is extremely effective in combating fat deposits.

Circular training is a highly intensive complex. Clear examples of such training are directions of tabat and crossfit. Circular training includes 3-10 exercises, which have to be performed behind each other at a fast pace. Having made each movement on one approach, the athlete can rest, but not more than 1-2 minutes. Then comes the second round of the same exercises. For beginners it will be enough to perform 3-4 approaches. Experienced athletes practice 5-6 laps.

Advantages and disadvantages of training.

Circular training for weight loss is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic load. Its main task is to launch metabolic processes aimed at fat burning. A huge advantage of this fitness direction is that fat deposits are burned not only during work on themselves, but also after completion of training.

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Intensive fat-burning circular training will only benefit the body if you know how to properly engage, take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the direction. The main advantages of the system are:

effective weight loss;
Development of body strength and endurance;
strengthening of a muscular relief;
Accessibility — it is possible to practice at home or in a gym;
Work takes place at once on all muscle groups.
From disadvantages it is possible to distinguish that the power part of training seriously loads the heart. People with cardiovascular pathologies cannot exercise in this mode. This functional program for girls with hypertension and increased intracranial pressure is also prohibited. Another small minus — during classes on simulators in the gym it is not always possible to perform the whole circle without a break due to a queue to some types of equipment.

Features and rules of occupation.

For a circular training for burning fat at home or a hall to be as productive as possible, you need to know and adhere to a few simple rules. It is very important to master the technique of each exercise well, to perform it correctly, despite the high rate of repetition. That ‘s the only way to avoid injuries.

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Before the beginning of training in the gym or at home it is necessary to perform warm-up. Exercise should be on an empty stomach and in good spirits. If you felt ill, it is better to cancel training.

Also remember a few more important rules:

Clothing and footwear should be comfortable;
It is necessary to train 2-4 times a week;
Training should be combined with proper nutrition and VAW;
People with injuries and the elderly need to draw up a training plan, taking into account their peculiarities;
Duration of training is about an hour (together with warm-up).

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Circular training should cover all muscle groups, exercises should be directed to the top and bottom of the body. It is necessary to work out the back, shoulders, press, hands, then we pass to legs and buttocks. You can work with your own weight or burden (with gantels, gyreas).

It is important to remember that the load should not be faulty. The body must recover within 1-2 days. In order to accelerate the recovery process, it is necessary to sleep and eat properly, to provide the body with the necessary stock of vitamins, minerals, acids, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

What to include on one training day?
Cyclical activities must be varied and harmonious. The training complex should be based on basic exercises involving the maximum number of muscle groups — push-ups, squats, traction.

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

The following exercise options will help to diversify them:

attacks with burdening;
squats of a plie;
Laying of gantels to the sides;
Lying or on an inclined bench;
pullings up;
press legs;
Pulling the block to the chest.
The program can be prepared at your own discretion. You can use the following schemas for the reference:

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Effective female fitness training to reduce body weight.

Home circular training or classes in the hall are suitable for full people, they will help to quickly get rid of excess kilograms and acquire cherished forms. However, it must be understood that the program is very complex, requiring diligence and perseverance. Reviews show that only regular classes will bring the desired result.

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