Easily digestible carbohydrates

What give us easily digestible carbohydrates, when and how to consume them? This is the most delicious and interesting part. If you interview people on the topic of what causes excess weight, then everyone is convinced that fats give us extra pounds. But if athletes are asked the same question, they will answer as one — a source of extra pounds of foods containing simple carbohydrates. So what carbohydrates can be eaten with an effective method of losing weight. Carbohydrates, when to use and whether it is worth removing them from the correct diet.

Today you will not surprise anyone that you can’t eat liver, sweets and cakes, it’s unconditional. I would like to dwell on such carbohydrates, which are called «useful tricks».

Dried fruits.

easily digestible carbohydrates
You hear often enough that I’d rather eat dried fruits than sweets, as they contain vitamins and other beneficial substances. Then he takes a cup of dried fruit and eats, then another cup and more. If you are going to eat dried fruits, then it is better to eat two sweets with tea. Dried fruits are definitely healthier and have vitamins compared to confectionery, but they are also considered to be easily digestible carbohydrates, it’s just a natural carbohydrate, instead of sugar it contains fructose. Someone did not reduce the amount of carbohydrates in dried fruits, and you can’t eat them in cups. Dried fruits are a good salvation for those who don’t eat sweets at all, and they need to be eaten as if they were sweets. Roughly, it should look like this:

for breakfast, add 5-6 pieces of dried apricots in porridge;
for a snack, you can eat 15 grams of candied fruits or 3-5 rings, which they usually are;
for lunch, you can add banana chips, also within a reasonable range of 10-15 grams.
After 2 hours of the day, it is not advisable to eat dried fruits, an exception may be a meal before a hard workout for strength, since dried fruits increase blood sugar, which gives strength to exercise with weights.

Muesli and Muesli Bars

Many do not like oatmeal and prefer to soak or steam muesli for breakfast. Yes, they consist of oatmeal, but think about the degree to which they were processed, that they even soak in cold milk. Naturally there is nothing useful there. From slow carbohydrates, a product containing simple carbohydrates was obtained by numerous treatments. In addition to all this, cereal contains a lot of sugar, various additives. You won’t be full for three hours from such a breakfast. It is better to exclude them altogether from your diet, or leave, perhaps, for a one-time intake to cheer you up !!!

Muesli bars — everyone says that they consist of whole grain cereals, but they are silent about sugar, caramel, chocolate and dried fruits.Thus, easily digestible carbohydrates outweigh the slow ones. Do not expect satiety from such a snack, the sugar will instantly rise in the blood and at least after about 30 minutes you will definitely want to eat. The only plus, yet this is not a flour and confectionery product, and treat yourself to breakfast with a small bite instead of sweets with tea.

Cottage cheese, curd mousses, yoghurts with additives, curd masses.

a product containing simple carbohydrates.
Eating these products, you are deceiving your consciousness by the fact that dairy products enter the body. All doctors say that you need to eat milk. But it is these products that practically contain only sugar and nutritional supplements, but the dairy product is still in doubt whether it is there at all. Glazed curds do not contain a dairy product at all. If it contained cottage cheese, then it would not be called «cottage cheese», but it would be called «cottage cheese with strawberry flavor.» One cottage cheese with strawberry jam is balanced with a piece of cake. It contains about 350 kcal per 100g. If you decide that dairy products are necessary for the body, then eat cottage cheese and hard cheese, drink kefir and milk, and preferably with the lowest fat content. But curds, curd mousses, glazed curds, leave the curd masses to others, they are eaten without you.

The products listed above should not be skeptical, like chips and excluded from the diet, especially dried fruits, they must be eaten. The main thing is to observe the measure and time of admission, then your figure will always be in great shape.

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