Do I need a personal trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer?

Many people starting or continuing to engage in the fitness club,set yourself the question: «And whether you want to train with a personal trainer?» I would argue that you need! And now I will tell You why. Let’s look at the pros and cons of personal training.

Cons of training with a coach.

Minus only one – the financial!

Advantages of training with a coach.

1. Constant monitoring of the exercise equipment, without harm to health. It can be a long read, watch videos online, but many of the exercises you will still perform correctly.
2. Control of food diary, gradual changes in diet towards more correct.
3. Worked through the technique of proper breathing during exercise.
4. To be determined competent selection of «working weight» under the current level of health.
5. The performance of the class increased significantly.
6. Trainer records all completed training programs and determine what is right for You.
7. A personal trainer is the foremost helper when performing difficult exercises, where need insurance.
8. To deal with the coach is a prestigious, man thus shows its are not indifferent to their health and social situation.
9. Workouts are always comfortable, even in the rush hour – because the coach plans ahead of what will be executed following the exercise, thus saving time in the club.
10. Interesting conversation on various topics.
11. Training is never boring. How much can you execute the same program and exercises from month to month?
12. Many people need someone who will motivate their sports «achievements». Otherwise, the training in the gym can turn into a regular party, and such training is of little use.

Frequent excuses

Visitor to the gym: «I am(a) try to work out, and then after 1-3 month turn to a coach for personal training» (most often hear it at the end of the 2nd free coaching).

Gym coach: Personally it is better to train just the same at the beginning of Your path to a perfect body. To the ridiculous: sometimes, doing an exercise incorrectly, can at best just don’t get the desired effect (and then the questions arise: I went(a) six months to swing, and anything not pumped), and at worst get injured or ruin your health. The most important thing in exercises is technique. And be sure that your technique someone «put» and watched it the first time. Because the desire to cheat when performing exercises, especially the first time – going wild (how to train 2.5 hours and still have the strength to go swim in the pool?) Many of us tend to feel sorry for yourself.In other words, the person involved is not at full capacity. So freebies at practice. And it was possible to train less than half time and with high quality.
I just don’t understand the meaning: why experiment with themselves, risking their health? We, when we go to the dental clinic and hearing the doctor won’t tell him «And let I(a) now I will try myself to put the seal, and after 3 months maybe You will ask if I have will not work.» Engaging with a coach can be at the beginning to avoid errors.

Visitor to the gym: «I already Have experience of training in the gym for 2 years, and I know EVERYTHING»

Gym coach: my Dear, nobody JUST can not know. Even I am constantly something new to learn from visits to seminars, reading books, analysis of scientific research. What used to be right and proven, now it can be extremely dangerous. Because science does not stand still, especially when it comes to the human body. Here is an example: I often see in the gym women at the gym to working out the lower back (hyperextension) make a «unique» exercise with the side bending. Come and ask: «why are You doing this?». I answer: «I Want the sides to reduce». Dear women, doing this exercise, You EXPAND the waist at the expense of hyperacuity oblique abdominal muscles. Don’t do anything stupid! And this is only one example of such know-it-alls, and a lot of mistakes.
Visitor to the gym: «I was already involved in(Las) with the coach a year ago: useless waste of money».

Gym coach: Explain, everyone is different. And the coach is first of all a man. It happens in life is that the soul does not lie to any man. Not because it’s bad but because it us somehow «not suitable». Trainer, as friends, you need to choose, and not what You could to impose sales or familiar (like «This trainer is the defending champion in bodybuilding, he professional and has a bunch of diplomas, so You need to practice it»). During exercise it is important not only that the trainer was following Your technique of the exercise was the correct training plan of training and nutrition, but also to be sociable. Ie is able to maintain a conversation, were helpful, moderately fun, etc. Because I understand that many people come to the gym not only for the result (be it weight loss or muscle gain), but also for fun and relaxation, emotional release after a hard day’s work, communication, understanding, support.A competent trainer should be able to be different. And when people come to me and say that they used to train with them and now they don’t need it — this is stupid. Not all coaches should be the same. Unfortunately, because of the past deplorable experience of working with trainers, people don’t want to try to work with other trainers.

Gym visitor: “Your training is too expensive!”

Gym Trainer: Let’s see what people do on Fridays and weekends: booze, billiards, movies, meeting friends in a cafe. And what, we spend a little money on a drink for the evening? we leave a little in a cafe for a portion of fat …. oh, excuse me, julienne?

Well, that’s not enough. But for health, to get at least 5 workouts is, of course, a lot. That is. it turns out that people evaluate their health cheaper than going to a restaurant. I believe that the price of five sessions with a trainer is NOT MUCH. Even once a week, anyone can afford to do it.

Each dollar invested in personal training will return to you in the form of a beautiful body and time saved. And time is an invaluable resource.

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