Disappointments In Fitness. And Popular Gym Beginners Mistakes.


When there is a desire to lose weight, pump up and improve the relief of the body, people begin to engage in fitness with great enthusiasm, go to the gym every day and give all the best for training. However, often this enthusiasm quickly fades away, the desire to play sports is replaced by disappointment, trainings are held less and less, and the subscription to the fitness club remains unused. Why is this happening? Where does the motivation go?

The main reason for the appearance of disappointment is the lack of a visible result from fitness training. He does not appear for various reasons. This may be the wrong approach to classes, and a poorly designed fitness program, and a violation of the nutrition plan. We will analyze the basic mistakes of beginners in sports and find out why they increase the distance between the desired and the actual.

Setting a fuzzy goal fitness program.

The lack of a clear goal is the very first and most common reason that beginners give up fitness training. Becoming prettier and better is not effective motivation. It is unlikely that a desire to go to the gym arose from scratch. Most likely, it appeared because I wanted to change something in myself. This should be the goal of fitness.

For example, you need to lose weight. It is necessary to clearly determine the number of kilograms or centimeters on the hips (waist) that you need to get rid of, indicate the time frame for achieving the goal and record progress. To do this, draw up a training plan for a month with a schedule of training and mini-tasks for every 7 days. At the end of each week, it is recommended to weigh, measure the parameters of your body and take pictures so that the results are, as they say, “on the face”.

Improper diet.

Everyone knows that it will not be possible to achieve good results in sports without dietary correction. Having decided to go to the gym, beginners in one day exclude high-calorie foods from the menu and switch to proper nutrition. However, a sharp rejection of pizza and french fries in favor of buckwheat with kefir, as a rule, gives the opposite effect. The athlete does not stand up and breaks down.

The fitness program is not running, the metabolism slows down, the extra pounds, before they disappear, begin to quickly return. There is no result from training, fitness brings disappointment, classes are held less and less. To avoid this, you should adjust the diet gradually, remove harmful ones from it and add useful foods a little. It is also recommended to be guided by the advice of experienced nutritionists so that the menu is as useful and balanced as possible.

Passion for sports nutrition.

Some beginners in fitness begin to imitate professional athletes and buy dietary supplements, food substitutes, and other sports nutrition in stores, making a big mistake. Acceptance of this product will not only not be beneficial, but may also harm health.

For the first training sessions aimed at improving physical fitness, changing the diet and enriching the menu with useful, natural products with lots of vitamins, micro and macro elements is enough. Vitamin complexes can be taken only as prescribed by the doctor and if there are indications for this.

It is recommended that sports nutrition be introduced into the diet when the physical form is improved and a new goal is set (for example, enhanced fat burning or gaining muscle mass) and only as an additional component.

Conducting training in the most prestigious gym.

This mistake is made by many newcomers to fitness.It doesn’t matter that the chosen sports club is very far from home, it takes a long time to get to it, an unfriendly atmosphere reigns in the gym and almost all the simulators are busy at those hours when the athlete can go to training. The main thing is that he is the most prestigious and advertised.

The admission of this error is fraught with the fact that most of the fitness training will be spent idle in the queue for the simulators, the duration of the classes will increase, and the journey home will take a lot of time (taking into account traffic jams). There will be several hours to rest, during which the body does not have time to recover.

All this leads to stress, the production of the hormone cortisol, and weight gain. As a result, there is no effect from the classes, disappointment ensues, and after it the refusal of training.

To avoid this, you need to visit the gym several times with a one-time subscription, evaluate the situation, equipment, professionalism of the coaches and the atmosphere of the club, draw certain conclusions and understand whether this institution is right for you.

Record to the most advertised trainer.

There are fitness trainers who promise a quick result from classes, are not interested in the athlete’s state of health and the presence of pathologies, and are also always happy with his work and the technique of performing the elements. Signing up for a fitness training with such a specialist is a huge mistake, no matter how much he is advertised or praised. In the best case, classes with him will not give the desired result. At worst, they will result in injuries and serious health problems.

Involving all the simulators in the gym at once.

Many beginner athletes sin this. They believe that the classes will be held as efficiently as possible, and the result will not be long in coming if you train in turn on all the equipment available in the hall. In fact, this leads to injuries, overtraining, chronic fatigue and poor health.

In the first fitness classes in the gym, you need to study the theory, the technique of performing exercises and working on machines. It will not be superfluous to contact a trainer or professional athletes to draw up a competent fitness program. At the initial stage of training, it is enough to work with free weights. They will help to increase the level of physical fitness, strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Waiting for quick results from fitness classes.

Disappointments In Fitness.  And Popular Gym Beginners Mistakes.

Many people come to the gym with the desire to improve their physical performance and body shape, devoting to achieve this goal only a month. However, such expectations are also replaced by disappointment, since fitness, including power, is not a magic wand. In such a short time to achieve tremendous results will not work. You need to tune in to hard work, to show perseverance and endurance, and then you will succeed.

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