Directions of aquafitness or fitness in the water

The beneficial effect of water on the human body is not a secret for anyone, just like the healing effect of water procedures. That is why aquafitness is much more effective than a regular gym visit. How does our body react to a change in the familiar air environment around to an aqueous one?

The effect of aquafitness on the body.
Circulatory system. When immersed in water in the blood, the number of leukocytes, platelets and red blood cells instantly increases — this is a kind of protective reaction. A couple of hours after class, the blood composition is normalized.
The cardiovascular system. The first couple of minutes after immersion in water, the temperature of which is at least slightly lower than body temperature, the skin acquires a pale hue, and the vessels narrow. As a result, blood pressure rises, and heart contractions increase their frequency. After a few minutes, the vessels expand, the skin becomes pink and warm.
Nervous system. If the skin is exposed to water, which differs to a greater or lesser extent from the body temperature, then the nervous system is first excited, but if the effect is continued further, inhibition begins.
Breath. Initially, when immersed in cool water, a deep breath is involuntarily obtained, with a long delay in exhalation. Pretty soon, the respiratory rate slows down, a person inhales deeply, but does not exhale completely.
The muscles. The effect on the muscles directly depends on the temperature of the water. If water is colder than body temperature, it increases the muscle tone of the whole body, and if it is warmer, it relaxes.
Anyone can decide to do aqua fitness if he wants to:
— Improve the body;
— Enjoy;
— Boost muscles;
— Normalize pressure;
— Tighten the body with minimal risk of injury;
— Lose weight;
— Improve blood circulation in cases of varicose veins;
— relieve stress;
— Strengthen the nervous system.
Aqua aerobics exercises are carried out both in shallow and deep water. The only caveat — for classes at a depth special accessories are needed: dumbbells, belt, circles, gloves. The set of exercises is selected so that the body constantly had to overcome the resistance of water. The level of load during these classes can be quite different — depending on age, as well as preliminary physical training.
A set of fitness exercises in the water will help you not only maintain good physical shape, but also strengthen your health.
Aquafitness directions.
There are three main areas of fitness in water:
— Aquavumen — a complex for women;
— Aquaman — a complex for men;
— Children’s water aerobics — for children.
Most often, regardless of type, classes are held in the same way: first, warm-up, in the water no colder than 20 degrees, then half an hour of the main exercises, followed by endurance exercises, also about half an hour, and finally, recovery stretching exercises, which should be carried out for minutes 10.
If there is no special sports training, you should start with medium intensity, gradually increasing the load. If a person is sufficiently physically trained, he should engage in aqua fitness in the appropriate group, using complexes for shallow water and deep water.

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