Diet Weight Loss Models

Diet Weight Loss Models

Models all over the world manage to maintain their weight in perfect condition, since appearance is their bread. For many, sticking to a diet of models is hard labor, but for some it has become a way of life. They need to count the calories consumed for the whole day, their number should not exceed more than 1500 calories.

Each model has its own methodology and diet for weight loss, which is suitable for her and is effective.

Our compatriot Natalia Vodyanova, one of the highest paid models, has an ideal figure, despite the birth of three children. She periodically also has to sit on a strict «pulsating diet», which a nutritionist developed for her. According to the model, she is madly in love with pastries and Russian dumplings, so she can only afford all this until 10 in the morning, because for the whole day, by virtue of her profession and fitness, the calories obtained are burned before they turn into fat. It is also very important for Natalia to consume fiber (germinated seeds of wheat or oats) at least 1 teaspoon per day.

Before breakfast, Vodianova drinks a rosehip broth, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, or hot tea without sugar. Lunch is sparse — salad seasoned with lemon juice, afternoon tea — tea with honey, and dinner — a few cups of herbal tea. Here is such a strict but effective diet.

Adriana Lima, who is one of Victoria’s Secret’s models, also often resorts to a diet of models and denies herself sweets. Her daily diet contains foods high in calcium and fiber. The model’s breakfast consists of 50-100 grams of dietary meat or fish with a glass of grapefruit juice, chicken broth and green tea for lunch, and the model has dinner every other day with salads with sprouted cereals. As the model herself said, she had to give up confectionery and resort to fasting days on apples.

Models of the whole world shared the secret of their perfection — this is the observance of certain rules:
1. One of the most important points in achieving a slim figure is, of course, visiting the gym. Nothing can help with getting rid of extra pounds, like physical activity.
2. It is worth forgetting about the use of alcohol, as it many times reduces the body’s ability to burn fats.
3. To control appetite and to lower blood sugar, you need to consume omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamins and calcium should be present in the diet every day, and vitamin B accelerates the metabolic process in the body and provides additional energy for the whole day.
4. You need to consume more spicy food: black pepper, ginger, chili pepper, they accelerate the metabolism in the body.
5. By increasing muscle mass, up to 250 calories can be excreted from the body.
6. The process of detoxification and metabolism of fats is no less important, therefore it is necessary to drink from 2 liters of water without gas per day.
Compliance with the diet of models and these rules will bring your figure closer to the ideal.

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