Daily exercise routine for everyone

We all understand that movement is health. But modern man has practically no free time, where to find a moment to go in for sports? On Exercises for a slim figure, in fact, there is a daily set of exercises that will suit everyone, regardless of employment. You just need to accustom yourself to use every free minute, let the muscles not inactive, but work.

When you watch TV, don’t just sit there. Make a yoga stand, do stretching or a couple of other exercises. You can engage in advertising, if you can’t escape from your favorite show or movie. Performing racks during a commercial break is also an opportunity to do exercises exactly the same time. If you are watching a movie and there is no advertising, take a stopwatch or set a timer on the TV.

You can perform racks and simple exercises in the morning. Surely you have to wait your turn in the bathroom, you can get up 10-20 minutes earlier — charging has not harmed anyone. Would you like to get up? Well, remember that health requires work and effort, and the extra 15 minutes of sleep will still not give you anything. During brushing or shaving, you can take yoga poses, trying to keep the body in a static position.

Before going to bed, too, 15 minutes for classes is enough. The only rule is no sudden movements. Smooth, calm gymnastics will restore strength, normalize blood circulation. You can perform kicks, but sharply, you need to do the exercise until the muscles are tired. Experts recommend doing up to 30 strokes for each leg, gradually increasing their number. After an evening charge, do meditation, relieve nervous tension and stress accumulated during the day.

Do not forget about sports when an extra minute appears. In the office or at home, you can do some exercises, the same kicks and shocks. Of course, such physical training is not a substitute for systematic training, but you should not abandon it. To become a professional athlete, you need to train hard for a long time. But simple exercises, performed regularly, will help in maintaining shape, and this is also a lot.

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