Care for eye health, simple and tricky tips on proper eye care.

Care for eye health, simple and tricky tips on proper eye care.

No wonder they say: «the Eyes are the mirror of the soul». They are a reflection of the inner state. Eyes you can even determine a person’s mood and his health. On the other hand the eyes are a vital organ, without which it is impossible how to do. Therefore, they require a lot of attention and care. Today, this will be discussed in our article.
Probably not many people know how to keep and care for your eyes, but the care requires a staged approach.
Let’s see how to care for your eyes correctly.

First, you need to always sleep, sleep duration should be not less than eight hours. You will then redness and swelling of the eyes. Sleep is necessary not later twelve o’clock in the evening is also very important.

In the morning I always do eye exercises. It consists of circular turns, moves left and right, and zazhmurivaet eyes. Everything is done for 30 seconds. Then you need to flush eyes with lukewarm water, you can still add and decoctions of herbs chamomile and mint. During this keep your eyes open, because the water needs to get eyeballs, not only on the eyelids. After the procedure you can apply a moisturizing gel to the eyelids.

Constantly ensure the various stimuli and overvoltage of eyes, because it affects vision. When working with a computer take a break and rest the eyes. Going out in the sun, remember to wear sunglasses.

Carefully choose cosmetics. Indeed, at present, very often there are fakes that are dangerous to health. Always buy only from a trusted manufacturer. Look at the shelf life of shadows and mascaras when you choose. Not necessary and very often to use them — this can affect the health of the eyes and the skin of the eyelids. From an overabundance of makeup, the skin ages faster.

Coming home after work, immediately take off your makeup. And give your eyes a rest. It is best to make a natural moisturizing mask around the eyes. For example, you can put slices of raw potato on the eyelids they are perfectly nourish and contribute to the saturation of the skin with age. Use a variety of moisturizing gels and creams for the skin.

Performing these clever and simple tips, your eyes will always be in good shape. And remember that a vision is given to man only once in life and the eyes are one of the main organs of the human body. Do not forget about it and always take care of them.

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