Bodyflex breathing — exhale extra pounds

Bodyflex is a universal technique with which you can maintain the body in excellent condition. This method is based on holding the breath and holding the diaphragm in combination with isometric postures and exercises. The science-based explanations for bodyflex breathing are as follows: oxygen with blood, which has arrived at the place of tension, breaks down fats, cleanses the body of toxins and tones muscle tissue, because fats are like fuel, and oxygen is its wonderful burner.

Here is how Alec Borsenko, a specialist and writer on the colon, puts it: «The presence of oxygen destroys bacteria, viruses, and especially cancer cells.» There are many methods on the market that help to saturate the body with oxygen, but the best is bodyflex breathing. You can get an aerobic effect five times better than running. When running, within an hour, 700 kilocalories are burned. When you do ordinary aerobics, 250 kilocalories are burned at the same time. And if, within an hour, you are engaged in the bodyflex technique, you can get rid of 3,500 kilocalories.
A bit of history. All experts, until 1981, believed that exercises in which physical strength was applied were what forced the lymphatic system to free itself from harmful substances. However, in Italy, in 1981, a team of doctors from around the world arrived to conduct research.
In the course of the research, doctors discovered that deep breathing, not physical activity, affects the lymphatic system. This breathing causes muscle work during exercise, and it stimulates the lymphatic system.
Where to start breathing bodyflex.
First you need to measure your parameters — the volume of the waist, hips, lower and upper abdomen and the widest part of the legs. You need to make a notebook in which you will enter these readings, no more than once a week.
In order to enhance motivation, find the pants that you love so much, but they are small. Try them on every week, and you will notice that you have not spent your energy in vain and can see the result.
But the most important thing in bodyflex exercises is to learn how to breathe correctly.
Bodyflex breathing during exercise
Starting position — standing, feet shoulder width apart. You need to take the pose of a volleyball player who is waiting for a shot: you are bent forward, your legs are bent at the knees, lean on your hands with them, your buttocks are set back, look forward. In this position, do the following:
Stage One. To release the lungs completely from the air, fold your lips into a tube, and in this position, breathe out evenly, of course, through your mouth.
Stage Two. Lips tight, take a quick noisy and very deep breath with your nose, completely filling the lungs with oxygen.
Stage Three. The head is raised, the lips are compressed. Exhale forcefully from the diaphragm all the air through the mouth. If you exhale correctly, it will be accompanied by a whistling groin.
Stage Four. Holding your mouth, hold your breath. Tilting your head, draw in your stomach, counting to ten. When you pull in your stomach, the bodyflex exercise is performed.
Stage Five. Exhale by relaxing your abdominal muscles. At this time, air will enter your lungs.
Bodyflex aerobic respiration is not so easy. From the first time, you cannot learn.You will need a lot of practice. Therefore, you need to practice every day to achieve proper breathing, which is used in bodyflex. Only after you learn how to breathe correctly, it will be possible to begin to perform body flex exercises.
Now you know what bodyflex is, how it is useful, how to learn how to breathe according to its methodology, which means that you are ready to engage in this area of ​​fitness and lose weight.

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