Bodybar — concept and application

The release of the first bodybar came in 1987. Then it was a steel shell coated with rubber, 1.2 m long. After the appearance of a bodybar weighing from 3 to 12 kg, strength exercises went to a whole new level, since with the advent of this shell it became much easier to engage in sports. In addition, there was no need to add additional discs to increase weight.

Bodybar Benefits.
— Generally speaking, this simulator performs the same functions as dumbbells, only the weight of a bodybar, unlike dumbbells, does not change at all. And for training, this is an undoubted advantage, since constant weight does not make this simulator cumbersome.
— At its core, this simulator occupies an intermediate position between the dumbbells and the barbell. So to perform resistance training, you should take a bodybar, because it will perfectly cope with the task.
— In addition, holding such a projectile is much easier. The most important thing is to choose the right one for you by weight and then you can safely perform strength exercises.
— This device will allow you to strengthen the spinal muscles, straighten your shoulders and restore your former posture.
How to correctly choose a bodybar.
— If you are a beginner, then the optimal whole shell for you will be in the range from 1.5 to 3 kg;
— A mid-level athlete can afford a simulator weighing no more than 6 kg;
— A more experienced athlete can increase the load up to 9 kg;
— An experienced athlete can use the bodybar, whose weight will not exceed 18 kg;
— Regarding the choice of projectile length, here you need to be guided by your height. Therefore, the higher the growth, the correspondingly longer the fixture.
Bodybar Exercises
Perform a couple of simple exercises for stretching, to do this, stretch your closed hands in front of you, stretch your stomach and round your back a little, then bend. Such actions need to be done several times.
Now go directly to the exercises below.
No. 1. Take a bodybar, place your feet shoulder-width apart, lean forward slightly and make sure that your back does not bend. Then press the simulator to the stomach (while inhaling), while bending your elbows (do not part them) and lower it back (while exhaling). Perform 3 approaches literally 30 times.
No. 2. It is advisable to alternate the exercise with the previous one. The same starting position, only the bodybar will need to be lowered below the knees and raised again. Until the end of the body you do not straighten and do not stop watching so that the back remains flat. The number of approaches is the same as in exercise No. 1.
No. 3. With a wide grip, take the bodybar and hold it behind your head with bent hands. Straighten your arms (while inhaling) and bend back (while exhaling). Follow the same number of approaches as in previous exercises.

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