«Autumn sun» — tasty and healthy

«Autumn sun» — tasty and healthy

Very tasty and very useful. Not about a lot of fruit so say. But «autumn sun» — melon — deserves this statements forest. There are people who don’t like watermelons so they don’t eat them. But to find a person who would not like fragrant and very sweet Uzbek or Turkmen melon, and he would have refused tidbits southern Belle — to put it mildly, problematic.

The first mention of the melon

Interesting fact. The first records of the melon can be found in the Bible. In Numbers Chapter 11, verse 5 in some translations use instead of the word «cucumber», the word «melon». And the book was written in 1473 BCE, that is, she is already three and a half thousand (3500) years. That’s impressive.

The rich content of southern Belle

Minerals and vitamins in melon provide «autumn sun» healing power. Melon is rich in silicon which is essential for hard tissue, skin, hair and nerves. Iron and vitamin C you can also use this fruit for the prevention of anemia. Potassium and magnesium contained in melon indispensable in cardiovascular diseases.

One of the main advantages of «autumn sun»

One of the main advantages southern Belle — a large amount of fiber. Therefore, the melon is a «nurse of the body.» This fruit is very useful for cleansing the colon helps in detoxifying the system. Fiber melon flesh contribute to the removal from the body of toxic substances. Constipation and extra weight of the melon, like a real scavenger improves digestion, intestinal microflora, allows you to cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

The rejuvenating effect of a melon

The rejuvenating effect of this fruit (berries) are primarily associated with the action of silicon, the element responsible for the regulation of physiological processes, the condition of the hair and skin. Availability depends on the strength of our nerves. But there is one secret. To get more silicon, to eat the flesh to the peel.

Other advantages of melon

A few slices of «autumn sun» is able to deliver us from anxiety, melancholy, and improve mood.

As a mild diuretic and anti-toxic remedy it is recommended for diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Melon — a wonderful gift not blind chance, but a loving Creator who gives people health, rejuvenation, beauty and good mood!

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