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About the «Sport and Fitness News» blog.
Welcome to the blog «Sport and Fitness News — sportza50.com,» which is devoted to sports, healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and motivation!
The purpose of the blog, first of all, is informational: to introduce people to a healthy lifestyle in general and to sports in particular, to communicate relevant, detailed, scientific-based material on issues related to the training process, to let the reader believe in himself, to help choose the right motivation to make progress in mental and physical self-improvement! Do not accept the information presented on this blog «Sport and Fitness News» as a panacea. All exercises in the hall or at home are performed only by the consent of their fitness instructor or stort, all diets are observed only by agreement with their nutritionist, and all diseases flow only to their treating doctor. All information is taken from open sources, is only informational, the author, removes all responsibility if compliance with certain instructions causes harm. We wish everyone good health, success in everything, take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Respectfully, the blog administration: «Sport and Fitness News.»

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