About the benefits of morning charging

About the benefits of morning charging
The phrase «morning charging» often causes associations with childhood: school, pioneer camp, All-Union radio program. Many have forgotten about the existence of charging: someone has no free time in the morning, someone is engaged in a gym, and someone is simply lazy. And after all morning charging is very useful, it helps the body finally wake up and blur all muscles and joints after sleep.

Morning charging fans are rightly considered Chinese and are engaged not only in children and elderly people, but also in high-ranking officials who gather in the morning in a specially designated room and organize physical exercise. Researchers, as is often the case, have conventional opinions about morning charging. Exercises are intended primarily to «charge» the body with energy. Some people think charging is better in the evening… When performing physical exercises, the pulse increases and blood pressure increases, if you charge in the evening, it can lead to sleep disorders. Intensive loads in the morning it is better not to be interested either. After waking up, the body is still in a semi-sleep state, and sudden physical activity leads to a sharp increase in pressure and pulse. There is a danger that the body, having got used to such shock, can react by increasing pressure and at the slightest physical loads during the day.

What turns out: evening and morning exercises do not bring benefits? It ‘s not quite like that. Let ‘s look at our smaller brothers. What do animals do after waking up? Stretch! Such «sweatshops» are an excellent means not only to wake up, to spread out the flowing members, but also to train the muscles of the body. Starting the day with stretch marks or streetcasting, you improve joint mobility, increase the flexibility of the body as a whole and increase muscle tone. Stretches from the morning help to blur the whole body, wake the muscles and prepare them for the day load, as well as increase blood flow to all muscles. So you positively charge your body with energy without shuffling it. Lying still in bed do a good pull — from this begin exercises.

Exercise No. 1

Starting position: sitting on the bed, feet stand on the floor.
Bend forward trying to get your feet on. Bend your back with an arc and count to 10. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

Exercise No. 2

Home Position: See Exercise N1
Spread your shoulders and make rotational movements with your head, trying to touch your shoulder ear. Repeat the exercise 5 times clockwise and 5 times counterclockwise.

Exercise No. 3

Home Position: See Exercise N1
Lift shoulders to ears and lower again, repeat 10 times.

Exercise No. 4

Initial position: standing, hands lowered.
Grip your hands into the lock and lift over your head so that the palms are pointed up. Stand on the chicks and stretch out as much as possible, spreading the chest. Count up to 10. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise 5 times.

Exercise No. 5

Starting position: see Exercise # 4.
Bend forward, trying to touch your toes with your hands without bending your knees. Stay in this position for 8-10 seconds. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise 5 times.

Such charging takes only a few minutes and prepares for the coming day. If you have free time, you can supplement the stretches with other physical exercises: squats, bicycle, pressing, turns, etc. Physical exercise, whether it be morning charging or classes in a fitness studio, should bring joy, so psychological mood also plays an important role. For example, accompanied by favorite music morning exercises will raise the mood, and be given easier. By adding and changing exercises, you ‘ll spare yourself the monotony of charging. If you ‘re not doing a morning charge yet, don ‘t delay this case until next Monday, but try starting tomorrow. In a few days you will feel that even a few minutes of «sweatshops» from the morning charge with energy for the whole day. Start your day with charging!

8 morning charging rules

Rule 1. Gymnastics should be done at the same hours — a break in classes is allowed only in case of acute disease.

Rule 2. Clothes should be free of movement.

Rule 3. Charging should be done fasting only by rinsing your mouth.

Rule 4. Performance of exercises should be combined with air hardening. The room must be ventilated, and if the weather allows, charging is better carried out in the open air.

Rule 5. Each exercise should be performed clearly, with sufficient muscle tension and a cheerful pace. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the completeness and freedom of movement in joints.

Rule 6. During the exercise it is necessary to control breathing: not to hold it, to breathe through the nose full of breast, balancing the rhythm of breathing with movements. If headaches or other unpleasant feelings appear during or after classes, you should consult your doctor.

Rule 7. It is desirable to perform exercises under music.

Rule 8. The complexity of exercise and the overall physical load should increase gradually, in accordance with the child ‘s capabilities.

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