About the benefits and varieties of «scissors» exercise!

About the benefits and varieties of «scissors» exercise!

For pumping the press there are many simulators, but there are effective exercises, for example — vertical scissors, which can be performed without special equipment. It is one of the most effective, which will suit both beginners and fitness guru.

The main advantage of exercise is safety for the spine and back muscles, so it can be done even to people with injuries.

What muscles work?
Despite its simplicity, the exercise «Scissors» affects the entire direct muscle of the abdomen, and especially its lower department, which is so difficult to work out by other movements. Transverse and oblique muscles are also involved, responsible for the beautiful waist and posture, as well as the muscles of the legs.

In its impact «Scissors» are similar to «Bicycle,» and although slightly less effective, but fit absolutely everyone, from children to adults, and do not load the back at all.

Pluses and minuses
This is a basic exercise that is recommended to both athletes and those recovering from injuries, as well as women who struggle with the unpleasant effects of pregnancy. So, it is one of the best exercises in varicosis, as blood actively circulates through the muscles of the legs and vessels acquire tone.

As a result, not only the lower area of the abdomen is tightened, but its entire surface becomes flatter. The impact goes on all muscles of the press at the same time.
Hip lines also strengthen, tighten, become visually beautiful. The clearance between the hips manifests itself and becomes more visible.
Waist volume decreases, folds on sides disappear.
Lower vertebrae are strengthened and more mobile, overall mobility and flexibility are increased.
Just 10 minutes of workouts burn 65-70 kcal, so if you ‘re looking to get rid of extra kilograms, it ‘s worth including exercise in your daily weight loss charge.
Clear cubes of the press «Scissors» do not pump. This exercise, rather, for endurance, perhaps — weight loss, and for cubes it is necessary to use weighting agents.
There are also more effective trainings for the press, and although «Scissors» are in the top 10, they are not in the first place.

About the benefits and varieties of "scissors" exercise!

Technology of performance
Exercise is good that it turns out and at beginners, and benefits experienced athletes. You are engaged with your own weight, which means you will avoid overvoltage of muscles.

Basic position: lying on the back, on the hard surface (on the floor, on the gymnastics mat, towel), press the lumbar to the floor, hands along the body. Put your feet together, strain them, and pull your socks off.

Strain the press and lift your feet about 30 degrees from the floor, and on inhalation put, for example, the right, slightly higher, and the left slightly lower. On exhalation change the position of legs, simulating the movement of scissors. When you cross your legs, do not move them away.

Exercise Scissors for a minute, then lower your feet on the rug. Rest for 15 seconds and repeat again. In total — at least 3 repeats in one lesson.

For beginners
Holding your feet if the press is weak is difficult. Lift them immediately to 90 degrees, and perform the exercise like this. The muscles will still work, and gradually get used to the load. Already in 6-10 permanent classes you will be able to lower your feet to 60 degrees, and further — to 30.

If holding your legs at a right angle is difficult, find what to grasp with your hands behind your head, the main thing is to press your lumbar to the floor.

About the benefits and varieties of "scissors" exercise!

Variations of «Scissors»
In addition to the basic, lying on the floor, other versions of exercise can be performed by pumping the muscles of the legs and buttocks, which were not previously involved. It is better to move on to them when you have already fully mastered the classic version, and perform 4 approaches in the position «feet 10 cm from the floor.»

Return scissors. You can also do on the floor, but it is more convenient — in a gym, on a bench for swinging press. At home you can try to adapt the furniture, but not soft (the sofa will not fit). Lie on your stomach, put your hands under your head, and make scissors, vertical and horizontal, you can alternate.
The broken scissors. The initial position is basic, lying on the back. Lift the stressed legs, spread to the sides, and connect the heels as if to hit each other with your feet. Such loads are necessary for oblique muscles of the abdomen, and in addition, the inner and upper surface of the hip works effectively.

About the benefits and varieties of "scissors" exercise!

For the maximum relief. Not everyone knows how to do exercise Scissors with increased load at home, without the use of weighting agents. It is enough in the basic position to lift the body 30 degrees from the floor, as if you started pumping the classic press, but did not finish the exercise. It turns out that you have both your legs and your upper body. According to the reviews of fitness trainers, this is how the recalcitrant cubes of the lower press «achieve.»

About the benefits and varieties of "scissors" exercise!

In addition, increased loads are also obtained underwater, in the pool, for which purpose it is possible to grasp hands behind the bead or forest, and to try classic, reverse and broken Scissors.

Learn to feel your body, do not overextend and breathe properly. Speed in execution is not the main thing, more important technique. You can study with the trainer to track mistakes in the first stages, or perform an exercise guided by video videos. If it becomes uncomfortable, change the lifting angle of the legs or rest.

Over time everything will work out, and you will have a beautiful press, thighs and buttocks, as well as cheer and excellent mood!

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