A raw food diet hour not doomed to austerity?

A raw food diet hour not doomed to austerity?

Extremes are always repel. Asceticism and gluttony are not. Usually attracts a middle ground. It is difficult to agree with the arguments of the glutton and bludman and justify its exaggerated and unhealthy relationship to food. But who can be safely attributed to the ascetics in the matter of food? People suffering from anorexia and bulimia and similar eating disorders. And this can be attributed to food asceticism raw food diet? Together, let us think.

Can it be called an ascetic person, who eats almost endless variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, grains, seeds, roots, honey? It is unlikely, given that only of apples in the world there are 7 and a half thousand species and 2,500 kinds of pears. If every day try one new variety of apples, to try all 7500 will need more 20 years! And to try all of the pears this way — almost seven years. How many types of apples and pears in my entire life tried you, dear reader?

Compare how much there is in the world varieties of sausages or cheese (for a couple of hundred from the power) and how much exists in the world of berries, various edible plants and nuts. So who is the ascetic work? One who only eats bacon and eggs, sandwiches with sprats, boiled herring and potatoes, muffins, yogurt, waffles, coffee, soup, and salad — and more of plant varieties of food not in time and can not (if I really want) to cram? Or someone who doesn’t eat any of the above listed food of animal origin, but every day, seven days a week and tucks into a truly infinite God, not a human (with its heat-treated products) menu consisting of amazing living fruits and vegetables? Is it possible to call created by the Almighty food scarce, tasteless, poor, ascetic and in need of some addition? As you need varieties of apples that you have enough and you do not feel slighted?

With regard to the diversity raw food diet, there seems to be clear. The austerity obviously does not. How about a taste of raw plant foods? She may be disgusted to eat? Let’s think. Taste: natural fresh pineapple, grape, Apple, etc. juice or packaged juice with the appropriate essence? Which is better, Uzbek watermelon (melon) or burgers from store-bought beef? What would you choose for Breakfast: pounds of ripe mango or a kilo of pasta (a dozen eggs)? Imagine a vitamin bomb: five pieces of kiwi, 50 grams of walnuts or pine nuts, 50 grams grated coconut pulp, 50 gram dried apricots 50 gram raisin (or dates), a plum, two bananas and a couple of tablespoons of forest honey (mix well in a blender). Well presented? And this is just one simple recipe. There is unlimited scope for creativity and experimentation. But what a wealth and refinement of taste! On asceticism somehow does not pull.

Even take a very simple raw dishes. Take sesame seeds (cannabis sativa) and grind them in a coffee grinder. Enjoy this extraordinary, fatty, slightly bitter in the finish slurry. And tell me you ate something. Similar: grind in a coffee grinder fresh Mac and try the resulting milk of the poppy. Heavenly delight! Or cut the different apples slices and arch is a natural fragrant honey. Is it good? Still. Or another recipe. RUB on a grater or in a food processor a couple of medium carrots and a few apples, mix and rate the taste. You can lubricate this thing honey.

Add to that a delicious raw food green smoothies or freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices in different combinations. And who can resist an exotic fruit salad of sliced beautiful slices of avocado, mango, kiwi, banana and pineapple? The limit for raw food culinary creativity almost none. Where here asceticism.

And last: can it be called an ascetic person healthy, not suffering from any disease, don’t calculate every meal of notorious calorie and tasted the taste of many natural, created directly by God fruits and vegetables?

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