A balanced diet.

There is nothing more important than a good foundation. In order for the house to stand firmly for many years, it must be built on a solid foundation. And the foundation is a balanced diet. 80% of the effective method of losing weight and gaining a slender body consists of how and what you will eat, what building material for your muscles you will choose.

You will need to review your diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to lose weight and gain muscle mass, a healthy snack so that your body does not starve during the day.

To make corrective changes to your nutrition plan does not mean at all to abandon your favorite foods or completely change your lifestyle, start to eat tasteless wholesome food, as many people think. With such cardinal changes, I don’t think that you will be able to keep yourself up for a long time and even more so that all this will become your way of life. But this is the main goal. Just try to consume junk food a little less often, and also find out if you can replace them with healthier counterparts.

You can eat everything, but the question is when and in what quantity — here it is the basis of a diet for effective weight loss.

To begin with, we will understand how the body perceives the food that enters it. He does not see sweet, spicy, smoked, fried and other types of food. Any food that enters the body is broken down into proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Accordingly, we need to understand:

— what is protein, what foods contain proteins, how much protein do we need to consume, why athletes consume high-protein foods;

— what is a carbohydrate, what a light carbohydrate and the “right” carbohydrate, how much to eat, what carbohydrates are needed to lose weight, what function they perform;

— fats, whether they are needed by the body, how much and in what form should be consumed;

— fiber, in which products it is contained and why it is needed.

When switching to proper nutrition, there is a problem of at least some variety due to a lack of knowledge on how to fully eat. We are all used to buying convenience foods in the store and, to come home, just warm up without any hassle. Yes, you have to learn to respect and love yourself, start cooking, cook a lot and not just for one day. The food will be fractional, get used to eating 5-6 times a day every 2.5-3 hours. To lose weight without harm to health, you must stop starving. They must learn to eat or take sports nutrition regardless of the situation and as soon as you begin to feel a slight hunger.

To form the necessary diet the next day, you must take care of cooking today. A quick dinner will not work.Get small containers in volumes of 200-250 ml and arrange the cooked food for tomorrow on them.

Consume enough calories
Your balanced diet should include the right ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats, but you must make sure that you consume enough calories to complete your exercise program. The correct diet for weight loss and muscle gain should be 27-30 kcal per kg of body weight. That is, when you have training, on this day you should eat 30 kcal per kg, and we gain kcal due to the “right” carbohydrates, since we need energy. On days of rest, 27 kcal per kg, since you will not have additional waste of energy.

The amount of food taken per meal should be approximately 200-300 grams, and such meals should be 5-6 for the whole day. Until 6 pm, predominantly eat protein-carbohydrate foods with vegetables, after 6 pm only protein with vegetables. But on training days, a balanced diet should be a little different, with an emphasis on carbohydrates.

The main points in nutrition are disclosed, how, what and when to eat is written. I wish you success in a difficult battle in the kitchen and go to your goal, as if it were not difficult.

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