7 main errors in the gym

7 main errors in the gym.

Mistake No. 1. Amateur performance

You: You consider that you understand fitness not worse than any trainer. And you easily make yourself a personal training program.

How to: Develop for yourself a plan of occupations — like putting a seal with your own hands. If you want to get a visible result, rather than go to the hall «for a tick,» the help of the trainer is required.

Its task is not only to explain how to properly perform an exercise, but also to choose the kind of load that suits you. Otherwise there is a possibility that during training you will experience discomfort or even get injured.

A good trainer will definitely trace, correctly you distribute weight in a gym, will «put» breath, and will give recommendations on nutrition. What do you want: to develop a certain group of muscles, to lose weight, to change the silhouette of the figure or simply to become more resilient? Discuss with the trainer all the wishes.

It ‘s not bad to have a backup plan as well. For example, if the simulator you wanted to «work on» suddenly breaks down or is occupied by someone else, you can do exercises for the same muscle group, but in a different way. About it too it is possible to consult with the trainer.

Mistake No. 2. Food

You: Sit on a strict diet, starve or vice versa, encourage yourself to «taste.»

As you should: One of the components of success in any kind of fitness is proper nutrition. Not hunger strike or overeating, but healthy, balanced food. During the day try to consume about 15% of proteins, 35-45% of fats, 40-50% of carbohydrates from the total calorie content of your daily diet.

Be sure to control its total calorie content. For members of the strong sex, it must be between 2,000 and 2,600 kcal. Women require less — from 1800 to 2300 kcal.

Lack of calories will «auction» fatigue, and you will not be up to fitness, and excess is known to promote overweight. Take into account the mode of trainings.

Those who train in the morning are advised to back up, for example, oatmeal. It is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, so it will allow you to save the energy you need for an effective workout longer.

Another option is a non-fat curd, in which you can add some honey, jam or jam. During the day you can eat boiled meat, chicken breast or turkey, which will ensure the supply of valuable protein, as well as complex carbohydrates — brown rice and buckwheat.

They are rich in plant fibres and also give strength. Fans of evening fitness will have to limit themselves to kefir, vegetables or fruits. And remember — between meals and training should pass at least 1.5-2 hours!

Mistake No. 3. Breath

You: Sure that breathing in fitness is not the main thing. So you either detain him or breathe «as you have to.»

As it should: It is not just wrong, but dangerous! By doing this, you limit the supply of precious oxygen not only to the muscles that work incorrectly because of it, but also to your brain.

As a result, blood pressure rises, your head is spinning, you are «stormed» and screwed, and in the worst case there is a real threat of heart attack or stroke. To avoid this, exhale as you make the effort.

And take a deep breath when you relax. If you do yoga, streetcasting or pilates, where there is a special breathing technique, listen carefully to the trainer. And also — it is important that in a hall where you train there is a good ventilation, otherwise you elementary will have nothing to breathe.

Mistake No. 4. Perfectionism

You: Sure that the day outside the gym went free.

As you should: The worst thing you can do for your body is to work for wear and tear despite fatigue, ill health and clear discomfort. And here it is already important to be able to distinguish these symptoms of discomfort from banal laziness.

Unsustainable loads not only exhaust, but also kill your faith in the future, as accumulated fatigue will not keep the set pace. The result — you will be angry and in general will abandon this «doubtful occupation.» But that ‘s not the worst thing yet.

There are diseases in which a particular kind of fitness is in principle contraindicated. So before starting any training, be sure to consult your doctor. And choose the kind of fitness that gives you real pleasure.

And then make a reasonable timetable and give your word that you will stick to it. But don ‘t forget about rest. This means that between intensive trainings it takes 1-2 days of break.

During this time your muscles will fully recover, and you will accumulate strength for new achievements. If you are a rookie, it is better to add load gradually than to try to break yourself.

Mistake No. 5. Warm-up and hitch

You: Always late for warm-up and/or run off the stretch.

As it should: To adjust to training, your body has to warm up. Due to improvement of blood flow muscles are heated, joints, ligaments and tendons are prepared for work. Otherwise, the body will be «wooden» and all your efforts will go for free.

The classic warm-up includes several stretch exercises as well as a small aerobic complex, such as steps, jumps or tricky dance ligaments. But also good stretching after classes is no less important.

It normalizes the work of the heart and respiratory system, enhances metabolism, gives the skin elasticity, but most importantly — relax tired muscles, making them guttaperch, and also provides full relax.

Mistake No. 6. Clothes

You: Consider that without new fashion clothes for fitness the way to the club is ordered to you. So you buy all the most expensive and very beautiful.

As you should: We will not convince you that sports clothes in general look incredibly stylish. Let ‘s talk about the rules you have to consider anyway.

First, you need a special supporting leaf. And before all this concerns owners of lush forms, pregnant women, young mothers, as well as all those who are engaged in active aerobics. Such clothes support the bust, which allows its shape to be preserved, and prevents the formation of stretches.

Second, regardless of your tastes, training clothes must meet certain requirements, namely: do not constrain movements, absorb moisture well, be as open as possible, while facilitating so that you can monitor the work of the body.

It is important that the form for fitness is practical, because it will have almost daily washing. Perfect in this regard… synthetics. Unlike natural materials, it quickly absorbs moisture by holding it inside itself, which eliminates the risk of supercooling.

In addition, synthetic products do not loosen, stretch or constrain movements. By the way, such fabric thanks to new technologies perfectly «breathes.»

As for shoes, there are specialized shops where you can find almost everything from running or tennis shoes to a variety of Latin, jazz or modern dance shoes.

If you are not so demanding, choose universal shoes. And remember that any sports shoes on naked feet do not wear! Be sure to use cotton socks.

If you ‘re in the gym, you ‘ll need athletic gloves. They are needed not so much for protection from the brains as for better adhesion to the metal, as well as for protection of the hands from fragments of the chrome coating, which from time to time peel off and can strongly scratch the hand.

Mistake No. 7. The distracting maneuver

You: Trying to diversify training by communicating with girlfriends, coffee and skewering.

As it should: Although fitness club unites people by interests, within it is necessary to observe certain rules of behavior. One of the main things — talk «for life» before or after training, and not during it.

First, it elementary distracts (and not only you, but also the trainer, and also those who train together with you), second, slaps breath. To make the body work at full strength, you need to «go into yourself,» feel every soap, hear every cell!

This attitude is very important. As for smoking, coffee, and especially alcohol, they do not combine with sports in any way. And it ‘s an axiom that doesn ‘t require proof.

The main rule: listen to your body! We are all either «jabs» with morning-day peak of efficiency, or «owls» with evening-night. If you have the opportunity, train in your «own» time, then fitness classes will have the greatest effect.


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