Zhim lying down: a new look

Zhim lying down: a new look
What exercise does you come to mind first when you think about breast training? I bet you ‘ll say, «Lie down!» or rather, rod down on the horizontal bench. Certainly, this exercise is the most popular not only in breast training, but also in general all over the world in gym and for some reason it is performed more often than all other exercises. The lying press has many variants. Today, we will consider lying on an inclined bench «upside down» (when in a horizontal position your feet are higher than your head).

How do you make a sting on an inclined bench «upside down»?
Place the rear legs of the bench on any support from 20 to 35 cm high. The front legs remain on the floor. So you get the right bench angle. Install the posts correctly relative to the bench so that it is convenient to remove the bar and put it back. To get started, practice with a makeup to understand whether it ‘s convenient for you to do an exercise or not.
Initial position: lie on a bench and take up a makeup. Select the width of the thaw so that in the middle of the movement the angle between the shoulder and forearm is 90 degrees. Remove a bar from racks and you hold it over yourself on straight arms (hands have to be perpendicular to a floor).
Fulfillment: take a breath and slowly lower the bar down until the griff touches the chest. After a second pause, squeeze the rod to the initial position, making exhalation. Then breath again — and the next repetition. Ideally, raising the bar should take almost twice as long as lowering it.

Why do you need to do this exercise?
Although the wives are «upside down» and not very popular in gym, bodybuilding and fitness specialists recommend to perform them if you want to achieve better development of breast muscles, because in this position the chest receive much more targeted load. Champions such as Dorian Yats, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler used this exercise in their workouts. It loads the delta less and is therefore safer if you have ever had shoulder belt injuries.

Safety rules!
Now that you have met this exercise, let me warn you — do not put large weights on the bar, better concentrate on technique and quality of performance. Otherwise, you can disable the elbow joints. If possible, ask your partner to insure you. Never use a one-way grip (when the thumb does not embrace the griff — the so-called «false grip»).

Correct application.
Below are a few examples of workouts, applying which you can make sure that this is the interpretation of the toe of lying gives more advantages when rolling breast muscles.

Training to increase muscle volume:

This technique was developed by German bodybuilders, who were able to rapidly increase the volume of breast muscles in a short period of time. The essence of the method is that you put moderate weight on the bar and do 10 approaches on 10 repeats. And don ‘t think it ‘ll be easy! If you manage this task, at the next training you can increase weight. Ah and. Forgot to mention that pauses between approaches should not be longer than 1.5 minutes! Good luck!

Training to increase strength and increase results in the classic heat of lying down.

If you want to improve your record in lying down, this technique is for you. You have to make the 5 hardest approaches in your life. Be sure to do the exercise under the supervision of your partner and without neglecting the technique. Execution scheme: 5 approaches on 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 repetition on the principle of pyramid! Rest between approaches is not more than 3 minutes. The weight of the bar is 10-12% lower than in the identical approach of the classical fluid. Replace the standard toe lying down with this exercise in every third workout and you will visibly feel the growth of strength and results in a short time frame.

Despite its reputation for unpopular exercise of lying on the inclined bench «upside down» is able to quickly increase not only the mass of breast muscles, but also the strength. Therefore, if you do not see progress in lying down for a long time, try this methodology — it will lead you to success!

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