Six mistakes in rookie training

Six mistakes in rookie training.

Each of us was once inexperienced and, coming the first time to gym, was nervous, without knowing as it is necessary to behave and how to train what exercise to start at first and as the butterfly exercise machine about which so often write on pages of sports literature looks… So, here you bought your first-ever monthly season ticket, changed into sports clothes and entered the hall. In front of you opened a picture of a bright room, covering various kinds of blocks, simulators, stands and gantels. And the views of the people in the room at this point moved instantly to you. If you ‘re nervous, it ‘s normal, because the environment is unusual for you.
The network now describes many articles, how to behave in the gym, what to perform exercises and how to achieve the goals in culturism. In this article, on the contrary, I want to tell you what you don ‘t need to do and what mistakes should be avoided if you want to achieve success in bodybuilding, fitness or powerlifting. This information is designed for beginners, so it is not worth taking what is said personally if you are a rocker with experience.

Mistake No. 1. Don ‘t take an approach without a coach!
To some, it would seem obvious. But you will not believe how many times I saw when a novice (most often a schoolboy) tries to do an exercise with the wrong weight or without knowledge of the technique of performance and gets injuries that for life make him forget about sports! Regardless of how many magazines you have read or viewed video lessons, the trainer will always help you to explain more clearly how to perform exercise. Only he can see the error of your execution and help you achieve the right technique in time.

Mistake No. 2. Don ‘t be afraid to ask questions!
You can ‘t find out in the first day in the gym or even a week. So ask more questions to the coach. If there is no opportunity to communicate with the trainer, ask more experienced comrades or colleagues in the hall who rest between approaches. Most of them have a moment or two to advise you. After all, they were newcomers, too.

Mistake No. 3. Don ‘t emulate «big guys»!
Don ‘t try to prove to everyone how strong you really are. It is not necessary to strive to set «world records» in the first month of classes. Bodybuilding is a sport of patient! Put light weights at first to feel the work of muscles. Do not allow reading (assisting the muscle with the whole body), do not neglect the technique. At least you won ‘t earn yourself an injury. And eventually after a period of time you can get to really big weights and huge bars. Remember, this is all ahead of you.

Mistake No. 4. Don ‘t be distracted by the opposite sex!
Let ‘s not lie to ourselves. One of the reasons for bodybuilding is the ability to like beautiful girls and thanks to this it is easier to make contact with them. But leave conversations with them outside the doors of the gym and instead of attracting another beauty, try to focus on the more important tasks. You ‘re at the gym to improve your muscle, not make dates!

Mistake No. 5. Be not impatient!
I don ‘t want to disappoint your ego, but in bodybuilding and fitness impatience is a life fact! It is because of this that many beginners quickly lose motivation and after one or two months they throw trainings. After all, the result cannot manifest itself so soon (unless you take packs of steroids). To have a mighty body, professionals have been engaged for years! And two months for bodybuilding is not a deadline.

Mistake No. 6. Don ‘t make yourself an «intense guy»!
Necessarily in the hall there will always be at least one person who makes each approach as the last, screaming and pushing so that eyes come out of orbits. So here ‘s your advice. Don ‘t like these people. First, in most cases, these screams will not add intensity to you, and second, you will look stupid in front of the rest of the visitors.

A lot of knowledge in the future will come to you with experience. But these six tips will always be relevant, because every day the hall is visited by new and new people. Therefore, do not make these mistakes and understand all the charms of bodybuilding!

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