Sports Relief: Exercise On Triceps In Gym For Women

Sports Relief: Exercise On Triceps In Gym For Women

We make beautiful hands in the gym: a complex of effective exercises for beginners and not only.

Triceps consists of three muscle heads: lateral, long, medial. They are located on the back of the hands. Triceps works particularly intensively when the limbs are extended, and if you perform the unbends under a special load, the muscle will start to swing intensively, acquiring a tightened and beautiful relief.

Don ‘t be afraid to turn the superhero ‘s powerful muscle: women ‘s body has much less testosterone than men ‘s, so your fragile silhouette is not threatened.

Trainings on hands and shoulders in a hall consist of exercises on trainers and with additional weight. It is important to understand that during classes not only triceps, but also biceps are worked out, as trainings with gantels and bar, for example, activate all groups of muscles.

Coaches in the biceps and triceps room
Some of the most effective simulators are equally useful for both biceps and triceps. In order to work your hands in the hall, it is necessary to engage with a bar, gantels, to do push-ups on bars, push-ups from a bench, also effective espander and unbend hands on a block.
To achieve the greatest result it is necessary to alternate all types of exercises, gradually increase load during trainings and try to adhere to regular schedule.
For beginners will suit trainings with a small weight: gants of 2 kg or a bar with a convenient curved makeup.
Be engaged in the hall regularly: trainings for pumping triceps should be carried out at least two or three times a week.
If the correct execution technique, variety of exercises and regular loads are observed, the result will be visible after a month of trainings.
Best triceps exercises in the women ‘s gym

Triceps: push-ups on a bench
To increase the load on the triceps during exercise, the legs can also be put on elevation on the same level with the shoulders.

Come to a low sports bench and turn your back on it.
Put your palm and take your fingers aside.
Spit out your legs, but don ‘t straighten your shoulders.
Drop down to parallel with the floor and then climb up smoothly.
Perform the exercise in 3 — 5 approaches 8 — 12 times.
Triceps: push-ups on bars
Push-ups on bars are a complicated version of the usual push-ups from the floor, an excellent exercise for the warm-up stage before training with weight.

Take the bars, but don ‘t raise your shoulders.
Cramp shovels.
Drop to parallel with the floor, keep the body straight without tilting forward.
Squeeze out yourself upward.
Perform 3 approaches 8 times.
Triceps: French toe with bar
Working out triceps as opposed to gravity. Choose a comfortable weight so your hands go up freely.

Lie on the bench, hold your feet to the floor.
Lift the bar in front of you and slowly put your hands behind your head.
Bend your straight hands and put the bar behind your head.
Only the forearms are involved in this exercise, and the shoulders remain unchanged.
Return the rod to the position in front of you.
Perform the exercise in 5 approaches 8 times.
Triceps: narrow-tail extension
Exercises with the block help to make praise more intense, besides, you can adjust the load under your own sensations.

Stick the block on the usual handle and take it back with a narrow praise.
Unbend your hands to full straightening and bend back.
Perform the exercise in 5 approaches 10 times.

Sports Relief: Exercise On Triceps In Gym For Women

Triceps: unbending with espander
The exercise is like a French load bug, but with a more complicated task.

Take the espander handles, put one foot on the middle of the espander.
Raise hands up and bend in elbows, elbows forward.
Spit your hands out and stay in this position.
Exhale and slowly lower your forearms.
Perform the exercise in 3 approaches 8 times.
Triceps: thrust in inclination
In the process of implementation muscles of biceps, triceps, shoulders and back are worked out.

Take the makeup, put your hands on the width of your shoulders, do not bend your lumbar, back straight, knees bent.
Pull the griff to your chest, stay in this position.
Perform 3 approaches 10 times.
Triceps: toe-of-land with narrow claw
This exercise is ideal for working out biceps, triceps, chest and shoulder muscles.

Lie down on the bench and take the makeup.
Hands straight on the width of shoulders, hands looking up.
Perform 3 approaches 8 times.
Triceps: lower press
The lower core works out triceps very qualitatively, as well as other exercises with a block in the hall. Select the appropriate weight and load intensity.

Take the straight handle of the upper block.
Face the handle, take it with a straight grip, hands and legs on the width of the shoulders, elbows press against the body.
Pull your hand to your chest, fix your shoulders.
On the breath push the handle down, lower to the bottom point.
On exhalation return forearm to initial position.
Perform 3 approaches 8 times.

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