The food of the child should be varied!

The food of the child should be varied!

Child for proper mental and physical development need food rich in protein, and rich variety of vitamins and minerals. Poor in these and other nutrients food slows mental development of the child in the kindergarten, and especially at school age, and the child may become apathetic and distracted, lethargic, or not to remember school material.

25 different deficiency diseases develop because of a lack of essential nutrients

According to researchers at 25 different deficiency diseases develop because of a lack of essential nutrients (nutrients): proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates (from fresh fruits, berries, and vegetables), essential fats or minerals. The lack of micro and macronutrients as well as vitamins leads to metabolic disorders.

Two real life stories

That is the real biography of Giovanni from Brazil. «Our family was poor, says joão. But we had our own garden in which grew almost everything that was rich our everyday table. We always had corn and rye bread made from unrefined grains, and this contributed to the fact that our food was more nutritious. Every day my mother cooked a soup in which there just was not vegetables, often including beans, legumes, peas, and we were well fed. Vegetables, fruits and herbs were the basis of our simple but healthy food. Meat we haven’t eaten yet, but sometimes it was fish, mostly sardines, herring and cod».

João continues his story: «mom there were five of us, and I don’t remember anyone seriously ill, it’s just the flu or a cold. I am sure that in this case the good service rendered healthy, balanced diet».

And here is the story of the mother of seven children: «We had to get a nutritious food which is cheap. So we planted vegetables in his small garden, which surprisingly to us quite enough. We also eat a variety of greens and fresh fruits in season». She continues: «our children Have never had a serious disease, and they all years of the school a good student».

The key to proper nutrition of children eating a variety of food

Our body constantly needs nutrients from the 118 recognized chemical elements (currently located in the periodic table Mendeleev). Although scientists admit that it is impossible to determine exactly how many there are beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as how much you need 100, 500, 1000, or 10 000 of each individual to preserve good health, is rational, a varied diet will provide all that we need. A renowned expert on child nutrition expressed the matter in these words: «the Key to child nutrition is to eat a healthy diet, which includes whole set of nutrients».

Vegetables should become the staple food for our children

But most children like a certain food, but not varied. Most likely your child is not like any food. For example, it doesn’t like the taste of fresh vegetables and bitter herbs? But traditional sandwiches, sausages, chips, eggs and pies he would eat almost every day. With the words of one chef with great experience, parents need early childhood to make sure that the family table has always been a «whole wide range of vegetables and herbs that you can grow or buy in the area where you live.

The majority of adults as well as children do not eat vegetables because their parents since childhood, they do not taught. Since vegetables provide fiber, enzymes, many we need of minerals and vitamins, as well as cheap, parents should always do their main food for their children. Selection of vegetables big enough».

Discover new recipes

For this reason, why not discover a new recipe that is actively used fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries, served, for example, in a tasty salad, souffle, soup or stew? As for the notorious empty calories, a nutritionist recommends: «In your home should not be any confectionery sweets except a couple of times a year.»

If children do not give sweets, then they will not eat them

Here is a case of life. One couple first gave my daughter candy and cookies in 7 years. And she… did not like. But the second life example. One couple on the first solid foods at six months gave my son sweet corn. The result: in the year their child does not like vegetables, and tightly hooked on sweet. The longer you’ll be giving your children candy sweets, the less chance that later the child turn into an uncontrollable sweet tooth. If children do not give candy artificial sweetness, and the kids won’t eat it».

Skarmlivanii their children «junk calories»

Although adequate healthy diet reduces the risk of malnutrition and deficiency of minerals and vitamins, some parents especially in recent years regularly overeat and overfeed their children. Excessive consumption of «junk calories», which are much higher than required for our body the number almost always leads to obesity, to excess weight and to diabetes and problems with heart and blood vessels.

Since no pharmaceutical drugs, no physical activity cannot replace the habit to eat right, we need to listen to good advice — to reduce consumption of fatty foods, fried, sweet, smoked and salty. One encyclopedia says that «you need to take purposeful steps to become less hungry and fasting, to suffer from the constant loneliness and depression to be less angry, bored, overwork can all lead to uncontrollable bouts of overeating and assault the fridge.»

To give children a good start in life

«Healthy, nutritious, varied food is one of the best gifts that parents can give their children. This is a contribution to the physical and mental health of children gives children a good start in life with early childhood, which cannot be neglected».

Tips on how to teach a child to eat healthy food

1) lead by good example.

2) do Not allow children to eat only what they want.

3) don’t let the fact that kept the food in which many «junk calories», but very few use or pastry sweets.

4) From early childhood accustom children to a variety of useful foods.

5) Set a specific time when the whole family can sit around the table, this rule also applies for Breakfast.

6) don’t allow television commercials to decide what is for you and your children.

7) do Not allow children themselves to take something from the fridge.

8) Let your children possibly help you to cook food.

9) Develop in them an appreciation for the nutritious food that they have each day.

Comforting reassurance from the Bible

Despite all our sincere efforts to take care of your nutrition and health, today we all, eventually, suffer, suffer, age and die. However, fortunately, in Scripture there is assurance that God’s Kingdom will put an end to hunger, disease, and old age. Although the human plans to eliminate hunger around the world did not come true, we can expect such a life in which the abundance of nutritious food for all. In Psalm 72:16 says: «there Will be plenty of grain on the ground, on the tops of the mountains it will be in excess. The harvest king will be great, like the forest of Lebanon».

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