How to calculate your basal metabolic rate?

How to calculate your basal metabolic rate?

Before to consider, let’s examine what is basic metabolism?

I try to write in accessible language, because I don’t want to «ship» You with complex terms and abstruse words. Therefore, basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories You spend at rest. Ie if 24 hours didn’t do anything, and just lay there. The body, even when we don’t move, still spends energy. First, the vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation. Secondly, within us, formed all sorts of biochemical reactions creates hormones, enzymes, blood cells. Thirdly, our muscles even if we don’t move, consume energy. About a day 1 kg of muscle burns 100 calories. In the middle-age and weight — 12 kg of muscles, so if you multiply 12 by 100 to get 1200 calories! (female 8 kg of muscles).
It turns out that apparently You are resting, and the body even during sleep «works». But people don’t want to understand (or to know), and eat everything. And then the «delicate mechanism» (good metabolism) is broken. People begin to gain weight, because they are in conflict with his body. In particular, with its basic metabolism.
Let’s count. And just below I have a concrete example to show how people gain fat mass.


And so, the basic metabolism for women (formula Muffin-Jeera)
10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age – 161
Example: a woman weighing 85 kg, height 168 cm, 45 years.
(10 x 85) + (6.25 x 168) – (5 x 45) – 161 = 850 + 1050 – 225 – 161 = 1514 kcal.
For men will be a different formula (but the same Muffin-Jeera)
10 x weight (kg) + 6.25 x height (cm) – 5 x age + 5
Example: male weighing 110 kg, height 183 cm, 35.
(10 x 110) + (6.25 x 183) – (5 x 35) + 5 = 1100 + 1143,75 – 175 + 5 = 2074 kcal.
And imagine: this man not only lies 24 hours a day in bed, but still moving, goes to work, eats, drives a car, watches TV, makes repairs. Meaning the organism spends more calories than 2074. In order to know how many calories a day a man spends, you need basal metabolic rate multiplied by a factor load (KN)
1. If You have a sedentary job + car + You don’t exercise, then KN = 1,2
2. If You have a sedentary job + 3 workouts in the gym, then KN = 1,375
3. If You have a job of average weight (50% of time actually spent in motion) + 3-5 workouts in the gym, then KN = 1,462
4. If You have a job of average weight (50% of time actually spent in motion) + heavy exercise 5 times a week (suppose You he athlete), then KN = 1.55 V
Let’s assume that in our example of the man not trained in the gym, a businessman, has a car with a personal driver.
2074 x 1.2 = 2488 calories.
Approximately the number of calories spent by the man (in this example). And how many calories you usually consume people? 1200, 1600? In my coaching practice I see this all the time. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that people gain over the life of a fair amount of fat mass. Not only that, people can’t afford the right amount of calories for metabolism, so he’s not even eating at your basal metabolic rate! Let me remind you, this example is 2074 kcal! Poor body such people. You need energy to create as many substances in the body, and NO, money is more important. Better too much money than to allocate yourself time for 6-7 meals a day. Honestly, I feel sorry for such people. The whole purpose of life is to earn as much money as possible. It’s very silly. What’s the point in money if you’re 50 already a wreck? The human body is designed for 100 years life. And people day after day doing only that myself to «throw away» from the life before. Through the day from work to work, not even see the beauty in this world. Not engaged in self-development and learning about themselves and the meaning of life. Whole life only doing it to earn money. And when «comes» 50 years and a lot of ailments, going to the doctors. Pay a lot of money for advice, sanatoriums, medicines. Ie first work, scoring on health, and then Wake up and spend the money on health. Logic is awesome! I’ll tell You one thing: 70% of our health depends on nutrition! How You eat, what You get in old age. No one to blame for Your sores except You! 30% health is ecology, stress and fate (or karma, as you like). But 70% is in Your hands! Every day eating, You «build» your body.
Something I’ve been excited and distracted from the topic, but just in my soul grieved when I see how people live in this world. So, in General, people are gaining weight not because eat a lot, but because on the contrary it eat too little and don’t train in the gym. If the body needs 2488 calories, and people ate per day 1600 calories, then of course the body will all to accumulate herself. If a man will paint himself diet 2488 calories and will be a week-by-week to reduce your initial diet for 100-130 calories, it will begin to lose weight. Understand this, the proponents of kefir or even any diets!
The main thing to choose a primal diet and he is already a start.In the nutrition section, I will soon post my calorie plate of products. So that you can make a menu based on it.
I myself eat two days, it’s easier to cook and the food does not have time to get bored. Suppose 2 days of chicken, 2 days of fish, then again chicken days, fish, etc. Just remember the rule — when you reduce the number of calories, suppose 100 calories per week, then you remove them due to carbohydrates, not protein.
Eat more fiber, especially cabbage (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower), they have a lot of useful minerals that help to lose weight and be healthy. Below is a recipe for stewed vegetables (thanks to mom for simple brilliant things).

Mom’s Vegetable Recipe.

This recipe is designed for about 4 servings:
200g white cabbage
200g cauliflower
200g broccoli (freeze)
100g of green beans (freezing)
100g Brussels sprouts (freezing)
1 stalk of leek
1 bell pepper
In a thick-walled 3-liter pan, pour 50 ml of boiling water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, toss there:
White cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, a little salt, let it boil for 7 minutes under the lid.
Add Brussels sprouts, pepper, simmer for another 15 minutes over medium heat.
Add leek, let it boil for 3 minutes, throw dill before turning off.
Bon Appetit!)

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