Our green friend salad

Our green friend salad

What do most people think of a regular salad? That it’s just a decoration for some basic nutritious dish, nothing more.

Salad: food for humans or goats and rabbits?

Few people consider a salad to be an independent, wholesome meal. Moreover, inveterate meat-eaters do not consider the salad to be excellent food (except for goats or rabbits). The salad is usually not eaten on its own, but only in company with other vegetables, since the salad contains very few calories (18 kilocalories per 100 grams of product) and therefore does not give a feeling of fullness.

Choose your green friend

There are more than 100 types of salads: rolled and leafy, of various shapes, sizes and colors — from pale green to maroon. There is plenty to choose from for a reliable green friend who will not let you down.

Useful properties of salad

Salad is eaten as a dietary product. Vitamins of group B, which are rich in salad, contribute to the metabolism in the body and blood formation, inhibit the development of carcinogenic and atherosclerotic factors. Thanks to vitamin C, regular use of lettuce prevents colds and infectious diseases, vitamin P — helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries.

The salad contains a large amount of vitamin A (1050 mcg — 15th place among all food products for this indicator). Salad pectins and folic acid (vitamin B9) stimulate the colon and remove bad cholesterol from the vessels. The salad contains a good balanced combination of minerals: iron, zinc, potassium, iodine, calcium, cobalt.

The main value of salad

But, perhaps, the main value of lettuce is that the salad contains a large amount of essential chlorophyll, which stimulates blood formation and promotes the growth of children. Regular consumption of increased amounts of salad with food produces quite tangible, positive and measurable changes in the composition of the blood. Today, many experts consider chlorophyll a cure for all diseases. No wonder it was the green plants that God gave to our ancestors in the garden of Eden.

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