Weight loss at sea

The sea is both a trainer and a cosmetologist. After all, swimming burns 200-500 kcal per hour, and sea salt perfectly tightens the skin. The more you move, the better the water massages the body, acting with beneficial minerals, breaking down fat deposits and reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Even when immersed in a body of water, the body experiences slight stress from a temperature drop. As a result, blood circulation increases, metabolism accelerates, the body tunes in for renewal.

For quality weight loss, just swimming is not enough, you should add water aerobics. Because of water resistance, the simplest exercises become one and a half times more effective: the sea gently hones its shape, negating the risk that the skin will become sagging. In addition, since the body receives solid support, the load is removed from the spine and feet. Holding on to the breakwater, pedal the imaginary bicycle, walk on the spot, make body turns, tilt to the sides — all that you remember from morning exercises. Those who are confidently kept on the water can replace the breakwater with an inflatable mattress. At the same time, there will be a chance to avoid annoying viewers.

After an active warm-up, swim for 5 minutes. At the end, do not forget to stretch well, because it is the stretching that makes the body slim, flexible and attractive. At the end of the lesson, lie down on the water and lie down for a minute or two.
If such a daily program begins to tire, remember that turning recreation into a sports camp
not necessary! In the days when you are completely lazy, imagine that the sea is … a dance floor. Go into the water and move as your heart desires.
There is another simple beach game — jumping through the waves. She makes her legs slim and her buttocks perfect. In order not to be shy about attention, fool around with friends or children. In a good company, dealing with yourself is even more pleasant.

Swimming provokes an appetite, but in order for water aerobics to work, try to eat sparingly, preferring vegetables and seafood. And remember — an hour and a half after training, do not refuel with anything except water and tea without sugar and milk.

Coming out of the sea foam, do not rush to lay on the sunbed. Take a stiff towel by the edges and take turns rubbing your waist, hips and legs. This will help the skin maintain elasticity, increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Blush and flowering appearance at a similar completion of marine charging is provided. Sitting on the bed, straighten up and take 10 deep breaths. Light breathing exercises after a good workout gives the result in the form of discarded centimeters and kilograms.
Oxygen is known to be involved in the oxidation of fats. In the evening, go along the coast. No wonder there are so many scenes in Hollywood films where the rich and famous run around the beach.Sand provides special surface resistance. From this, energy costs increase, and legs slim down with each new step.
The second option is to run through the water. The sea should reach the ankles. At the finish, stop and trace the wide circles with your feet. After a week, the body will noticeably build up, the “ears” on the hips will decrease, and the cardiovascular system will strengthen. The result of the training will be noticeable even in winter. Beach sports enthusiasts have good heat transfer: on a sultry day they hardly sweat, in the cold they freeze to a minimum.

Do not forget about this sport. Of course, not all of us professionally play badminton or beach volleyball. And even frisbee requires a certain skill. But in an hour of the game burns from 150 to 260 kcal! Plus, the muscles of the arms and chest are strengthened, the buttocks are tightened. Rowing
creates a muscle corset around the spine on the boat and forms a beautiful shoulder line, and catamaran control has a good effect on the beauty of the legs. And what is important — you can master these species on your own or in the company of good friends.

But there are other popular sports activities that have attracted beach goers in recent years, but require a compulsory course of study, or at least instruction. Depending on the desired goal, you can choose:

Wakeboarding — useful for general toning of muscles, because to stay on the board when knitted to a fast boat,
you need to strain the whole body;

The jet ski also maintains harmony, it either dives into the waves, then rises above them — in order to stay on such «slides», you have to sweat;

Diving is a small positive stress. When immersed, the body is excited and begins to intensively burn calories. Plus, you will have to swim underwater in flippers, which means that the leg muscles will work well;

Zorbing — riding on water inside a transparent ball.

Zorb resembles a large inflatable ball. You will be asked to climb into it and walk along the water surface. Will have to work hard with limbs. It will not always turn out, because inside the ball is slippery. This is a very fun and useful figure for entertainment. If there is a chance to try zorbing, do not miss it!
And in general, do not be afraid to do something new — psychologists believe that it is precisely spontaneous actions and outdoor activities that prolong the youth of the body and soul. Active leisure not only supplements relaxation, but also gives beauty — isn’t that what we expect from vacation?

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