10 most frequent errors involved in fitness

10 most frequent errors involved in fitness

By purchasing a subscription to a fitness, many of us with all the enthusiasm given to the classes, sometimes making a lot of mistakes, which may smear positive impressions from the training sessions.

To exercise to produce the desired weight loss and gave a good mood, follow the basic rules. About them will tell you your fitness instructor, and we recall the most common mistakes made by beginners.

The most common mistakes beginners do fitness

To abandon the schedule.

Some people often miss classes because of lack of motivation, while others, conversely, tend to train almost every day. However, both approaches are incorrect. The only true solution is to strictly follow the schedule. Believe me, it is not invented for nothing.

Workout you can skip.

Do you think that warm-up is the whim of the instructor or a tribute to some stupid tradition? Not at all – it is a necessary stage of any exercise. Warming up the muscles and preparing the body to stress, you protect yourself from trouble. Stretching, dizziness, pain in the head – that’s the usual symptoms fans to miss a workout. That’s why some are starting to warm up, just getting ready for the gym.

The bigger the load the better.

From beginners to fitness is almost always possible to observe the great zeal for training, which is gradually eroding. Especially if the person takes high loads – in this case, the body may reply with a refusal and the classroom for some time will have to forget. Remember that excellence is not a man with a short harness, and the one who longest rides.

Discomfort is not a reason to abandon exercise.

If you think that fitness is a struggle with ourselves, then we hasten to reassure you in this. You should not try to overcome itself, on the contrary – it is necessary to listen sensitively to your body. If you feel tired, feel weak, or you lost the rhythm it is better to stop and think, what is the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Work – warm up.

Big mistake – to go to the sauna immediately after exercise. Doctors strongly recommend to give your body to cool down and restore normal rhythm. Better to rest for 15-20 minutes under normal conditions, and it was then already possible to use the steam room.

You have to do it in any condition.

Even if you bought a subscription to the gym, do not need to persist and to visit all, without exception, of training, if some of them have not a convenient time for you. For example, when you have worked hard for 12 hours straight, go home to rest – in the room you still will be no good.

To abandon the water.

Some mistakenly believe that the classroom must abandon the water. The opposite is true: during exercise, the body actively loses moisture and it needs replenishment. Doctors recommend to take small portions of water every 20-30 minutes during intense exercise. And your weight loss will not be affected.

Fitness a good opportunity to chat with a friend.

Many people find gym friends, but do not forget that buying a ticket to employment, each poses an important goal – and this goal is being dedicated to all without exception of class. Therefore, you should not get distracted and to distract others, especially since it severely reduces the effectiveness of the exercises.

Buy fitness cotton suit.

Cotton – light material, but, unfortunately, it absorbs sweat. In the first minutes of class cotton clothing sticks to your body and will restrict movement. Better to buy a suit from polyester, nylon and elastane.

Definitely need to use antipersperant.

Of course, all the athletes sweat heavily, but not necessarily before going to the gym to use antipersperant. It clogs the pores and does not allow the body to naturally get rid of toxins. But this is one of your training goals, isn’t it?

There is still a lot of subtleties associated with the correct load distribution, with before and after fitness with the planning of the day. All this will tell you the instructors. Feel free to ask questions – better to prevent annoying bugs than to fix them.

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